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Business Mobile Websites

It used to be if you had a website for your small business then you were set!Then along comes Search Engine Optimisation for Websites which is still vital and necessary for your website.

Now due to the explosion of Smart Phones & Tablet Devices your website has to be must be mobile ready.

“…Latest In Mobile Browser Detection”

We are going to look at the two broad categories of mobile website design which can be applied to your small business websites current look and feel.

The two categories available to businesses looking at providing a mobile website are typically based on their budget. Let me say that either option is still better than nothing but I’ll let you decide which option is best for your business.

“Convert Your Current Website…”

This is the option most businesses end up opting for which is a real shame because you generally cannot get that perfect mobile experience by “retro-fitting” your old website from 960px wide down to 360px wide. Let me apply an analogy here, “this method is the equivalent of putting a HSV body kit on a VN Commodore, it’s not going to look pretty nor is it going to make you friends (online customers)”.

We can hide certain aspects of your website such as sidebars, footers and minimise your logo’s & header images but at the end of the day it’s never going to be perfect. The costs for this are typically in the low hundreds for a standard small business website, most of the time is spent in testing and refinement stage to make sure the website looks correct on iPhone, Android and Windows mobile devices.

“Mobile Websites From The Start…”

This option gets me excited and it should get you excited as well! This option for Mobile Website Development means YOU ACTUALLY CARE about your customers and are providing a fantastic user-experience over your competition.

This option can still be a case of converting your existing website, but instead of changing just the styling we dive deep into the core development of your new mobile website.

This method allows us to use some very interesting Browser Detection and System Detection Systems which help redirect users from your current website “” to something that both Google likes and is easy to redirect such as “” which is now recgonised as an appropriate name for Mobile sub domains.

Google’s Matt Cutts even recommends this, so it’s going to be standard within the next 12 months.

5150 Studios Mobile Websites team takes the information from your current website and not only fine tunes the actual content (words/images/videos/graphs/tables) but develops a brand new site located in a sub domain. This method does take more time, but the wait will be worth it!

A high quality mobile website generally skips over long winded articles & text and provides your customers or clients the information they need now such as:

  • Contact Phone Numbers & Email Addresses
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Contact Address
  • Your Key Services
  • Photo Gallery or Video Gallery of your Services/Products

“To Sum It Up…”

For a free consultation about developing a mobile website for your business or converting an exiting website into a mobile ready website then simply fill out this form and we will contact you immediately.

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