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Ecommerce websites are completely unique in their design purely because they typically have one task : make online sales. As a web designer when approaching an ecommerce style website the designer has to have some fundamental knowledge about business and sales, this knowledge in online selling can make the difference in your site working well, or not at all.

Design, Form & Function is a Must!

There are similarities between normal web design and web design for an online store, both need to be well organised, favourable colours and attractive to visitors. Have a close look at some of the biggest and most successful online stores and you can begin to see conceptual differences over normal web sites. Ecommerce web design needs a few principles well thought out to be successful:

The visitor needs a pleasant experience from beginning to end, this includes as mentioned above colours that fit the design, thoughtful navigation and well organised widgets, search box’s and contact forms etc.

Trust is extremely important to convert clicks into sales, potential buyers can be “spooked” by simple design mistakes, make sure your brand, contact details, who owns the site, business registration number etc are easy to view. Having these details concealed and not available at all isn’t going to register much trust and your visitors will go to your competitors.

These principles are not at all new, businesses at your local shopping centre put them to use daily to get you to spend money. The difficult task of a web designer is converting these everyday marketing techniques into the virtual world. Just like your super market places fresh bread far from the entrance, you can even smell it sometimes, yet you have to walk past all sorts of great things and “specials” before you arrive at your fresh bread, it’s no coincidence!

Stock Management, Sales Reporting and Coupon Discounts Come Standard with 5150 Studios

In an online ecommerce situation your web designer has to design your store so that your visitor goes to where you want them: making a purchase. Unlike the grocery store, an online store always has an exit present and therefor careful consideration must be given to placement and navigation.  Ideally you want your visitor to get to the product they are looking for in 2 clicks, therefor among everything mentioned above layout is paramount.

Your Customers Need To Find The Right Product Within 2 Clicks

Whether your existing ecommerce site needs a refresh or you’re a start up consult with experienced web designers who understand online business. If you’d like to learn more about 5150 Studios and our ecommerce packages, simply fill out the form below or call 07 5547 5488.

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