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Press Release, Feb 1, 2013 – Price My Insurance is an online service that provides you with accurate quotes of premiums that have to be paid. You simply need to enter vital information, such as your age, occupation or profession to get a near-accurate quote of your insurance coverage.

If you are looking for a comprehensive insurance coverage, then head over to Price My Insurance for accurate insurance quotes.

An insurance coverage is important for all workers of all trades. Insurance keeps you protected from lawsuits and subpoenas that might come your way; at the same time it gives you the security you need when you get old.

Sadly, some premiums can be expensive. Most companies, on the other hand, are not willing to give you a quote right away. But since insurance is vital for your life and job, it would help if you knew firsthand the price you need to pay.

That’s where Price My Insurance comes in.

The truth of the matter is not all companies provide insurance quotes online. Should you decide to sign up for a deal, you might get surprised with the amount you have to shell out on a monthly, bi-annual or yearly basis. With Price My Insurance, you get to be prepared for what lies ahead. Our company works with the best insurance agents out there in order to provide you with a rough estimate of the cost of your premium.

The truth of the matter is not all companies provide insurance quotes online.

Price My Insurance also guarantees an instant quote upon inquiry. You do not have to wait for several days, maybe weeks, just to get an estimate for your insurance premium.

What can you expect from Price My Insurance?

Price My Insurance offers a variety of online quotes to fit all your demands. We offer Public Liability quotes depending on your occupation, state and turnover. There are also specialized quotes for asbestos removal and demolition professionals, tour operators, cleaners, event organizers, bands, performers, public miners and security guards.

We also provide quick and detailed quotes for business insurance, you only need to provide your personal and business information.

Quotes for Income Protection and Life Insurance are provided as well. Free quotations on Trauma and TPD are available as well.

For experts, we offer Professional Indemnity quotes according to your state of practice, limit of indemnity and availability of insurance.

Why waste money and time over expensive quotes that take a few weeks before they are given to you? With Price My Insurance, you can have all the insurance quotes that you need right in a click of a button.

Price My Insurance Contact Info- Experience our excellent insurance services by giving us a call at 1300 661 557 or visit