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The specialists at Price My Insurance are back, providing Queensland business owners Free Public Liability Quotes for the largest range of industries and trades. With the launch of their new website, it’s a simple as visiting and selecting Free Public Liability Quotes. By answering a few simple questions including your business industry, state (such as Queensland) and annual income approximately, Price My Insurance will provide you a free quote ready for purchasing online. No need to wait, simply pay online using the secure gateway and your insurance will be processed within 24 hours.

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Why would you need to have public liability insurance for yourself? Public Liability Insurance provides the peace of mind that in the worst circumstances, you will be able to handle a law suit. Within Queensland, we find many trades and industries that really do require Public Liability Insurance including occupations such as Carpenters, Electricians, Plumbers, Welders, Beauticians and Hair Dressers. It’s interesting to note that even mobile hair dressers should make the small investment into Public Liability Insurance to cover themselves.

When we talk about Public Liability Insurance most people do agree that they should have it, to protect themselves but generally think it’s too expensive or hard to sign up. Price My Insurance fills this void by providing a simple, intuitive interface to allow any business owner to easily answer some simple online questions that the other insurance competitors don’t ask. By asking specific questions to Queensland business owners, you will save money on your Public Liability Insurance.

Learn more and start your free public liability quote now by visiting Queensland’s specialist Public Liability Insurance company, Price My Insurance.