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Holjack Industries sells all types of drawer slides for your personal and professional needs. After all, having a broken drawer can lead to a hectic day at home or at work. These drawer slides won’t last forever so taking care of them may not be such a bad idea, and understanding the various types can really help. There are three basic weight classifications of these drawer slides: light, medium and heavy duty drawer slides. Each slide has a different weight capacity and loading items surpassing its capacity may damage the drawer or the slides.

Be sure to follow the necessary weight limit to avoid breaking these items. In case of damaged slide drawers or drawers you can make enquiries at Holjack Industries because they sell top of the line drawer slides in different weight classifications.

Here are a few facts that you should know about drawer slides so that you make the right choice while buying them.

Weight Classifications

The light duty slides usually support up to 75 lbs of content. These light duty slides are commonly found at home for light content items. Examples are kitchen drawers, wardrobe drawers and many more.

The medium duty slides are made to support at least 120 lbs of content. They are usually used for storing pots and medical specimens. You can see these medium drawers at science facilities like laboratories, hospitals and in the agricultural sector.

The heavy duty drawer slides support up to 500 lbs of content. They are made with high quality and heavy duty materials to support such a mass. These slides are usually used for drawers on industrial sites. The filing cabinet in an office is a good example, as those drawers are usually large in size.

The Holjack Industries sell all three kinds of weight slide drawers. The slide drawers aren’t the only classification of slides. They also vary in types as to how the drawer is mounted or inserted back into their respective entry points.

Types of Drawer Slides

The side mount slides are the traditional slide drawers. The slides are built in the side of the entry point and the shapes on both sides of the drawers are meant to sync with the slides. These slides are the most common and are seen at home, work or school.

The side mount underside slides are similar to the side mount slides but with a couple of differences. The slides are mounted on the sides but at the bottom part of the drawer. The only downside is that you get a minimal view of the contents.  The center mount slides are installed at the center of the drawer and are most commonly used for light weight capabilities. The under mount side slides are installed at the bottom of the drawers and are usually used for medium weight loads.

If you’re not sure which slide drawer to install and use, you can always call professional help, as the team at Holjack Industries are ready and waiting to assist you.