Google Adwords Pay Per Click Marketing

Reaching the Google Top-10 listing positions is a time consuming process and sometimes your brand or business may have a project that needs more immediate attention and exposure, which is where Pay Per Click Advertising (such as Google Adwords) comes into play.

“Catering for your budget…”

Pay Per Click Advertising is an effective way to quickly and efficiently rank in the top of Google search results providing links back to your website. Although this has comes under much scrutiny in the organic SEO world, when researched correctly Adwords can provide a fantastic boost to the traffic on your website.

Pay Per Click Marketing uses a simple to understand business model – you provide the researched keywords you would like to target, the geo-location of the area’s you want to service, the maximum price you would pay for someone to click your ad and finally how long you would like your campaign to run for.

An effective ad comprises of a strong headline, 2 lines of short descriptions and a link to your home page or specific page on your website.

“…instant keyword phrase positioning in Google”

5150 Studios offers a range of Organic SEO packages as well as Pay Per Click packages, catering for your daily, weekly and monthly budget. When used together, you begin to build an aggressive combination of Top-10 listings and Adword positioning for keywords your website is ranking as well as it could be.

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