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Facebook has exploded onto the internet crafting the term social media into a common household name used by all ages and demographics. This phenomenal piece of social media technology has exploded from a simple social connection tool developed at Harvard by Mark Zuckerberg to a billion dollar enterprise catering for more than 500 million active user accounts.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

It has only been within the last 2 years or so that businesses have adapted to Facebook and it’s new methods for promoting products and services. This is social communication, it’s far from static and gives your business the opportunity to find untapped markets and demographics.

“…customer service experience is greatly enhanced”

Facebook gives you the tools to fine tune your marketing, be highly specific to zone in on your target audience – think 22-34 year old males interested in cars or how about 45-60 year old females interested in crochet knitting. These sorts of specific audiences have never been able to be reached until now, which is why 5150 Studios offers a dedicated Social Media Marketing Service because there are such huge business opportunities available by utilising the Facebook services.

“Target the right market…”

The word static is thrown out the window! Now your customers can follow your business including every wall post, photo or video added and all of your promotions from both their desktop or smart phone. In fact over 250 million users world-wide take advantage of their mobile devices to access Facebook and its services on a daily basis.

Your business has the ability to promote its unique products and services to like minded individuals, catering for people looking for exactly what you have to offer.

The customer service experience is greatly enhanced, as you can provide an insight into the personality behind your business, the fun, quirky and exciting times you experience everyday providing for your customer base.

“…find untapped markets”

5150 Studios urges you to explore the advantages of Facebook and how it can help your business increase its client base quickly and effectively targeting the right market.

If you do decide to look into Facebook Social Media Marketing but still have unanswered questions, feel free to contact 5150 Studios as we will take the time to explain not only the benefits of Facebook marketing but also how you can begin without paying a cent – just honest advice from our specialists.

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